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Helping not hurting: horizontal care to peer care in a UK prison – 26 Apr 2022 – Online Resilience Forum

Over the past two decades, the proportion of older prisoners in England and Wales has increased dramatically, which is problematic as prisons are not designed for issues associated with older adulthood. In this Resilience Forum Dr Warren Stewart will discuss the development of peer care in prisons in support of older adults and disabled detainees.

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Remote Campaigning, Working and Living: The Impact on Our Ability to Influence Social Change – 24 Feb 2022 – Online Resilience Forum

Now we are moving out of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many of us still working from home with no real prospect of in-person events, conferences, lobbies and the like, disability rights campaigner Simone Aspis is asking what will happen to our community and our ability to affect social change in the future.

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The role of identity resilience in psychological wellbeing – 25 Jan 2022 – Online Resilience Forum

In this Forum Professor Rusi Jaspal of the University of Brighton will describe the concept of identity resilience and how it relates to psychological wellbeing and coping before using empirical examples to discuss how it can be measured and promoted. Examples include gay men’s coming out experiences and the psychological impact of COVID-19 in the general population.

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