Now recruiting: Sessional Parent and Carer Engagement Workers

We are looking for people who live in Blackpool to apply for the job role of Parent and Carer Engagement Worker.

  • The role will be based in Blackpool
  • We will agree together the numbers of hours you will work and when. This is called a sessional role.
  • You will be paid £10.44 per hour for every hour that you work.
  • There is no fixed number of hours to work each week. The hours will be agreed together depending on what you would like and what we need at different times. This is called a Casual Contract.

We want Parent and Carer Engagement Workers to help us work with more parents and carers in our projects. Our projects focus on mental health and resilience. They can involve:

  • doing research together
  • having our say about things we think are unfair
  • getting involved in campaigns to change things
  • sharing information through our website, newsletter, blogs and films
  • running training and events

We welcome applications from people who have experienced discrimination in their life.  We think this experience helps us do a better job at understanding what people need to improve things for themselves and everyone.  People may experience discrimination because they live in poverty, have experienced mental health challenges, have a physical disability, learning disability or autism. They might also be from a community experiencing racism, or be from our LGBTQ+ community, or have English as a second language.

Parent and Carer Engagement Workers will use their own experiences of being left out and/or discriminated against, to support others facing similar experiences to take part in our projects.

You can read more information about the role and find the application form in the sidebar on the right(or below on moblies).

How to apply

To apply, you will need to submit an application form. This includes the option to voice / video record some of your application if you prefer. We are very mindful that we are completing this current recruitment in context of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. This means we are doing most of it online and through digital communications. Please do let us know if we can support you with this – whether it be help to access a computer to do your application, assistance with broadband / data to attend an online interview or needing the materials in a different / alternative format. We can also print and post you the recruitment information if this will help you to apply.

For this round of recruitment, please return your application by email to:
[email protected] by 9 am on Wednesday 13th October 2021. Interviews will be held on Microsoft Teams week begining 18th October 2021.

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