Shahnaz Biggs – Business and Enterprise Master’s Student

I was first introduced to Boingboing through a consultation they facilitated looking at research into Mental Health. So many interesting and eye-opening things were discussed, as we shared our stories and opinions about what should be researched. I was representing young people at this session, but some of the topics related to me across many different roles. For example, being a young female, coming from a Black Caribbean Community, being Black British, being a student and coming from a single parent family.

I have been involved in many different organisations representing young people’s views, however, the work Boingboing does really stood out to me. I was so fascinated at how the social enterprise was making a real difference in people’s lives, while being closely attached to a university. As a Master’s student studying Business and Enterprise at the University of Manchester, the values, mission and business model of Boingboing interests and inspires me. I am now a Boingboing volunteer and part of my Master’s research will be looking at just that.

I love the fact that Boingboing is all about resilience, because I know how much being resilient helped me two years ago when I was going through a tough time with my anxiety and depression. To volunteer with and now work for an organisation that embeds and creates resilience practices as part of its core is fantastic and an amazing opportunity.

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