We provide organised and bespoke seminars and workshops on resilience. Bespoke sessions are tailored to your needs and can be either of the following, or a blend of both:

  • Educational – these introduce participants to the “what, why, and how” of resilience.
  • Developmental – these are designed to address particular issues or the needs of specific settings. For example, developing a resilient approach in Under 5s or Youth Settings, crafting resilient practitioners, building parent resilience and so on.

Often what works best is a mixture of the two: introducing concepts and methods, and then getting to work to apply these to a specific situation or setting.

“I learnt loads.” (Health Visitor)
“An excellent day – lots of practical ideas.” (Counsellor)

We usually draw on a range of training tools. Slides, case studies, film, discussion, personal reflection, analysis of real life situations and hands-on experiential activities tailor the workshops to whatever the audience prefers. You can download an example of a workshop programme (doc).

We routinely contribute to professional nursing and social work university courses and when delivering practice workshops, we often co-deliver sessions with parent trainers. We believe that the best can be achieved for children when parental expertise and experience combines with academic and practitioner skill and knowledge.

“I wish all my colleagues had the experience of being in your workshop, it was the highlight of my week.” (Family Support Worker, Substance Misuse Team)

If you would like further information on arranging bespoke seminars or workshops, please contact us.

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