The British Psychological Society adopts our Boingboing definition of resilience

Here in the Boingboing, Resilience Revolution and CRSJ community we are delighted to see that The British Psychological Society has adopted the Boingboing definition of resilience in some of their recent work, with the involvement of CRSJ members Rebecca Graber and Carl Walker. This is a great development as psychological disciplines have long been criticised for focusing too heavily on the importance of individual characteristics – a critique also levelled at many definitions of resilience. Those of you familiar with the Boingboing approach will know that our definition moves away from seeing resilience as a quality of the individual, instead taking a wider systems view which sees people, communities and organisations as all central to resilience building. Furthermore, we see resilience as more than just beating the odds, but also changing the odds through systems change brought about by transformative practice, activism and employing an inequalities imagination.

Read the BPS statement below to see how the BPS is enaging with our definition of resilience.

BPS Statement

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