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Schools mental health guide

Supporting children and young people in their mental health: A guide for East Sussex schools. A resilience-based, whole school approach to promoting positive mental health and addressing individual needs.

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Interactive Resilience Framework

The Interactive Resilience Framework was developed especially for schools with children and young people in mind and has more detail about each idea, including relevant research evidence, suggestions of what to do, and what you people themselves think.

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The Academic Resilience Approach

Our resources help any school establish systems to build ‘resilience approaches’ that support disadvantaged pupils over time through a whole school approach, will benefit all pupils from a school-wide approach to increasing academic resilience and offer ideas to help everyone in the school community play a part.

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Co-production in promoting resilience – what does this mean for schools?

Co-production is a way of working that utilises the experience, knowledge and skills of a range of stakeholders to design, produce and deliver better services and resources. It is a highly participative version of “engagement”, which is perhaps a more familiar term. It is a value-based approach that views the people who use a service as assets with important knowledge and skills that can be harnessed to promote positive change.

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