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Free Resilience Get Together in Blackpool

Do you want to support Blackpool’s children and young people to be more resilient? Want to find out how HeadStart will help? This free workshop will introduce you to Boingboing’s resilience principles that HeadStart is using in partnership with schools, community groups and charities and with families across Blackpool.

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Resilient Therapy workshop in Blackpool

The Introduction to Resilient Therapy workshop is for anyone keen to understand resilience, including community family workers, teachers and school staff, social workers, resource officers, early years workers, parents, carers, foster parents, learning mentors, personal advisors, youth workers and so on.

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Practitioner resilience workshop in Blackpool

Whether newly qualified, experienced, facing uncertainty, change or striving for a work life balance, this training course will support you to: Understand what presses your buttons; Explore your growing edges; Become aware of your limitations and challenges as a practitioner.

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