Lisa Buttery – Artist in Residence

Hi, I’m Lisa, I have lived experience of mental illness and disability, I’m queer and my pronouns are she/they.


I began my role with Boingboing as a young person volunteering in 2008 and after about 5 years of volunteering when I could, I was employed by Boingboing as a Project Worker and Artist in Residence. Today I am a Research Assistant, Project Worker and Artist in Residence for Boingboing.


Over the years I’ve helped to co-produce various resources including – The ‘Mental health and the Resilient Therapy toolkit’ and the ‘Visual arts practice for resilience: A guide for working with young people with complex needs’. I also provided some illustrations for the ‘Kinship Carers’ resource: Using resilience ideas in practice’ guide. Artistic Co-curator of the Resilience House for the Connected Communities Showcase event in Cardiff in June/July 2014 was also a busy role that I was proud to take on. Over the years I’ve had the privilege to present at various conferences across the world and I’ve taken part in various projects as a project worker, artist and community co-researcher. During my many years working with Boingboing I have had the incredible privilege of working with people and communities from all over the world. From South Africa to Canada, Blackpool to London and of course I can’t forget my own beloved home city of Brighton and Hove.


I originally became involved with Boingboing through Art in Mind (an organisation that uses art to challenge stigma from a lived experience perspective and produces resources to raise awareness of mental health issues in young people). Through Boingboing I have been involved in several videos and have given presentations at various events, from a conference in a massive lecture theatre at the University of Brighton to a meeting room at Newport Mind in Cardiff. In recent years I’ve helped deliver training and chaired sessions virtually at our International Resilience Revolution Conference. I’m also passionate about accessibility and make sure we’re always striving for improvement when it comes to increasing the accessibility of our work.


I particularly enjoy my role as an Artist in Residence for Boingboing. The process of my artwork is an important way of coping with my mental health issues, I love helping others explore how creative processes can benefit their resilience and wellbeing. Over the years I have designed illustrations for resources, co-produced animations, created art for books, exhibitions, posters, cushion covers, cards and more.


To view some of Lisa’s artwork, please see here.


You can read more about my experience of working with Boingboing over the years in my blog about the evolution of Boingboing.

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