Mental Health and the Resilient Therapy Toolkit – Experience in Mind, written by Adam, Aiyshah, Amy, Andrea, Carla, Debs, Ed, Emma, Faye, Hannah, Heidi, Jamie, Joel, Kat, Lara, Lisa, Megan, Rob, Rosie, Sam, Sarah, Stella, Tom, Victoria, Zoe, with Sam Taylor and Angie Hart

A guide for parents about mental health written by young people.

This book is for any parent or carer who is at all concerned about the mental health of their child. It is written by young people who have themselves experienced mental health issues, with a little help from a couple of adult friends. It is designed to give parents and carers insight into how young people themselves see their world and the problems they experience. We hope it will help you feel better equipped to offer a safe, supportive environment so that you can fully support your child and their emotional wellbeing. Often parents think they know what young people think, but this book might give you a few surprises about what young people think could help them. If you can get your head around this, it might help improve tricky situations facing you at home.

You might not have thought about mental health before now – perhaps you are just beginning to wonder if your child needs extra support, or you might just be interested to know a bit about what it’s all about. Perhaps you are already getting some professional help – it’s important that you do if you think that something is wrong. Just as physical illness needs attention and care, however minor, so does mental ill-health. As we explain below, it is more common than you might think and, although not necessarily severe, can be difficult and traumatic for a young person to deal with.

Mental Health and the Resilient Therapy Toolkit

About Experience in Mind – Experience in Mind was a volunteer project for young people aged 16–25 who had some experience of mental health issues, either as a carer or through personal experience. This is the third resource the young people had written using their experiences and is the first focussing specifically on information for parents and carers to help you understand how you can be more responsive to your child’s needs.

About Sam Taylor – Sam is an experienced youth worker, teacher, qualified counsellor and play therapist who has worked with young people, children and families for 15 years. She has worked closely with the young people from Experience in Mind on the writing of this guide which is the third of their publications. Sam trains and helps young people to deliver mental health training and facilitates creative art workshops encouraging young people to express themselves creatively through art, photography, animations and film.

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