Maria Georgiadi – Psychologist and Special Educator, Rethymno, Crete

I live in Rethymno, Crete and work as a psychologist and a special educator. My PhD is on special education and specifically on children with chronic illnesses in Greece.  Working with children with special needs motivated and triggered my scientific curiosity to explore the area of resilience and since studying and researching the subject of resilience, I feel that new perspectives and horizons have emerged in front of me. While not always easy to find the power and the resources to cope with adversities in life, the sense of achievement I have seen in the children’s eyes and the feelings I see on their faces has made me so happy and helped me to find the courage to carry on!!!

This journey discovering resilience has helped me to realise that children can find the resources to survive difficulties and they can find the strength to develop their lives.  There is something very motivating about resilience that has triggered all my excitement to work with the concept. And you know what, all this amazing journey has been a big change in my scientific interests too.

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