Resilience Forum

COPs and Social Learning Theory
Friday 30 June - FREE
1.15pm – 3.00pm
Brunswick, Central Library,
Queen Street, Blackpool


Children and Young People's Mental Health
Thursday 6 July
8.30am - 4.30pm
Royal National Hotel, London


Free 2hr intro to resilience
Thur 27 Apr - Free

Intro to Resilient Therapy
Mon 15 May - Free/£120

Practitioner resilience
Tue 16 May - Free/£120

Understanding the Academic Resilience Approach
Fri 5 May - Free/£120

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Introduction to resilience
Mon 19 Jun - £120

Practitioner resilience
Mon 3 July - £120

Understanding the Academic Resilience Approach
Tue 26 Sep - £120

ARA intensive 3 day course
Mon 8-Wed 10 May - £300

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Resilience Framework CYP

Some of the other marvellous boingboingers

boingboing loves collaborating with people to encourage and co-develop resilience research and practice.  Here’s just some of the inspiring people we work with in the resilience network.  You can find out more about them by clicking on their photos.

Helen Arnold-Jenkins Helen Arnold-Jenkins - Parent, Service User and Parent Trainer.
Kim Aumann Kim Aumann - Visiting Fellow School of Health Sciences, former Director of Amaze and co-founder of Boingboing.
Shahnaz Biggs Shahnaz Biggs - Business and Enterprise Master's Student.
Derek Blincow Dr Derek Blincow - Child Psychiatrist.
Laura Brennan

Laura Brennan - Boingboing Blackpool Coordinator.

Carrie Britton

Carrie Britton - Parent Carer, Independent Advisor and Trainer.

Lisa Buttery

Lisa Buttery - Artist in Residence.

Josh Cameron

Josh Cameron - Senior Occupational Therapy Lecturer, University of Brighton.

Steph Coombe Stephanie Coombe - Assistant Head Teacher at a special school.
Simon Duncan Simon Duncan - Trainer and Project Worker.
Suna Eryigit-Madzwamuse Suna Eryigit-Madzwamuse - Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Research, University of Brighton.
Mirika Flegg Mirika Flegg - Applied Social Science Research Master’s Student, University of Brighton.
Emily Gagnon

Emily Gagnon - Community Fellow with CUPP and PhD Student at the University of Sheffield.

Maria Georgiadi

Maria Georgiadi - Psychologist and Special Educator, Rethymno, Crete.

Ulrike Graf

Ulrike Graf - Professor of Education at Primary School Age, University of Osnabrück, Germany.

Phil Haynes

Phil Haynes - Professor of Public Policy, University of Brighton.

Becky Heaver Becky Heaver - Research Officer, University of Brighton.
Lindsay Hill

Lindsay Hill - Honorary Fellow, School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton.

Mary Hinton Mary Hinton - HeadStart Advisor and former headteacher.
Caroline Hudson Caroline Hudson - Senior Nursing Lecturer, University of Brighton.
Wassilis Kassis Wassilis Kassis - Professor of Educational Sciences, University of Osnabrück, Germany.
Elias Kourkoutas Elias Kourkoutas - Professor of Psychology and Special Education, University of Crete.
Carmel McKeogh Carmel McKeogh - Management Consultant.
Anne Rathbone Anne Rathbone - Senior Training and Consultancy Manager, Boingboing / PhD Student, University of Brighton.
Gabrielle Rowles Gabrielle Rowles - Senior Trainer and Developer at Boingboing.
Claire Stubbs Claire Stubbs - Counselling Psychologist and ex-Youth Worker.
Helen Thomas Helen Thomas - Social Worker.
Carl Walker Carl Walker - Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton.
Lisa Williams Lisa Williams - Children's mental health service design and commissioning support.